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Song of the day: Le Secret

Today I’d like to share a lovely song by Gabriël Fauré with you: Le Secret. I love Fauré’s music, and this short song is a small gem. It’s about falling in love with someone. You want to shout your love from the rooftops, but you also want to keep it as this private, magical thing, just between the two of you.

I’m accompanying myself on the piano here. Sorry about the mechanical sounds coming from the piano. It needs some TLC from a professional, and I’m still saving up for that.

Lyrics (translated by Richard Stokes)

Would that the morn were unaware
Of the name I told to the night,
And that in the dawn breeze, silently,
It would vanish like a tear.

Would that the day might proclaim it,
The love I hid from the morn,
And poised above my open heart,
Like a grain of incense kindle it.

Would that the sunset might forget,
The secret I told to the day,
And would carry it and my love away
In the folds of its faded robe!

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