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Élévation is the title of a beautiful poem by Charles Baudelaire. I found it on Reddit (of all places!) where someone had practiced their calligraphy skills by writing it out. I fell in love and heard music in my head.

So last Sunday, I sat down at my piano, MuseScore at the ready, and started composing. The music came to me as if it already existed somehow. I know that that sounds cheesy, but it is really how it feels sometimes. The music that I wrote was inspired by a musical period that I adore (in paintings as well): impressionism.

I managed to get the first stanza out, a strophe at a time. I’m not sure if I won’t change it at a later stage, but for now I’m quite happy. I tried adding the second stanza and ran into an overthinking mode, so I stopped and put it away for a bit. I continued working on the song in the evenings this week and it’s progressing slowly.

I’d like to share the beginning with you.


It’s quite hard to play the piano and sing at the same time. You would think that I would make it easier on myself by writing something simple, but alas. Anyway, you get an impression. I hope you like it! I am really enjoying this project.

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