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Freya and Fiona Friday 5: Water

Both Freya and Fiona had a love-hate relationship with water. Drinking water = good, water making you wet = bad. Getting some delicious fresh water from the tap is sometimes worth getting wet.

This is a video from 2004 when they were kittens! I thought that I didn’t have any videos from back then, but it turns out that I have one. Fiona is the bravest here regarding water. Freya was quite curious, but she reallllly didn’t like getting wet. Fiona found out early that she didn’t have to drink from the tap directly, she could also just lick the water from her paw.

Fiona didn’t mind getting her head wet, either. Because licking the water itself instead of your paw is more fun in the end! But drinking directly from the tap is hard! If your head gets in the way, the delicious water is harder to reach with your tongue…

But later on, Freya slowly changed her mind about water from the tap. She did, in fact, prefer it to water from her bowl. And getting wet, well, that was the price to be paid. And did you know that two cats can drink water from the tap simultaneously?

Freya also discovered that using her paw was very handy. She would dip her left paw into the water and lick the water up. Then she would shake her paw because hey, it was wet, ew!

Water from the tap was not the only special water. Rain water was also very flavourful. Or at least, that’s what Fiona seems to think. She’s using her paw to dip it up from a container on the balcony.

Freya also loved rain water. I put a special water bowl on the balcony that filled up with rain water, and she loved going outside to drink it.

But she didn’t love rain.

Freya also preferred drinking rain water using her paw.

But the best water was still tap water.

Om nom nom nom nom nom!

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