Freya and Fiona Friday 6: Eyes

When Fiona and Freya were kittens, their eyes looked very similar. Blue at first, and then, gradually, the amount of pigment increased. They both developed green eyes, but Freya’s eyes were more amber green, while Fiona’s were more blueish green.

Sitting on the cat walk together

In the picture above, you can see this difference quite well. They both had really beautiful eyes.

Freya used to have this wild look in her eyes. I think the reason was that her pupils would be right in the middle of her eyes when they were small, not touching the top or the bottom eyelids. A very intense look that she kept until old age.

A cool thing about cat’s eyes is that from the side you can see the lens very well.

And another cool thing is the large variety in pupil size. It makes a big difference in their expression.

Fiona usually had a bit of a worried look, due to her colouring. It’s not that was in fact always worried.

Freya’s light chin made it look as if she had a smile on her face. And you could tell by the way her eyes looked if it was a happy smile.

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