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Welcome to my weblog! I’m a classical singer from The Netherlands, who also works as a technical writer… a rare combination, perhaps, but I like it! I also love knitting, photography, drawing, painting, origami, writing, spinning, designing and reading. Yep, I’m one of those people who are interested in almost everything (and cannot choose one passion). I love to make things, both with my hands and with my brain. I tend to be serially obsessive about my pursuits.

I’m quite the nerd, love sci-fi & fantasy, computers and gadgets, tweaking stuff and I am a bit of a trekkie. I love meeting my friends and family, and I cherish alone time, as I’m strongly introverted as well as neurodivergent. I love the thrill of learning, of discovery, of finding patterns and seeing connections, and I achieve the most when I am following my own flow without worrying about deadlines and money.

I have a weak spot for anything classical, being it music, history or dresses. I love Latin and (Roman and Greek) mythology. Languages intrigue me, and I’m always looking for similarities and differences between them. I’d love to do research in that field! I’m on Duolingo, learning a couple of languages, just out of curiosity. I have a special place in my heart for anything British.

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    1. I’m not a spindle maker, but I do occasionally destash a spindle or two. Right now I have nothing for sale because I just moved house and everything is still in boxes, but if I destash spindles, I might post them in my shop here on the website.

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