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Lilac top

A few days ago, I finished knitting my second Roseroot top. The previous one was a delight to knit and wear, so when I was looking for another project, this pattern came to mind. This time I knitted it with my own handspun yarn. The top only requires about 200 grams of sock weight yarn, so that’s quite feasible for spinning your own yarn on a spindle as well.

I was going back and forth between two skeins of yarn in my stash, one more pink and the other more subdued purple. Since I had a hard time choosing one over the other for this project, I asked my Instagram friends to vote, and most of them went for the purple yarn. Purple it was!

Pink or purple?

I chose size S just like before, and the same needles as well, hoping that my gauge hadn’t changed since last autumn. Then I cast on the lace yoke. I blocked it before proceeding with the body.

Blocking the yoke

The yarn was not entirely purple. Back when I created the rolags, I mixed some subtle pastel colours in with the purple.

Purple and more

From time to time, a bit of colour popped op in the fabric. I really like the effect, it’s not too in-your-face. From a distance, you don’t even notice it.

Bits of green and pink

After joining for the arm holes, I noticed that they were a bit too tight for me. I have narrow shoulders, but my arms are quite full. So I ripped back and redid the arm holes cast on stitches. Later, I found out that I did the same thing in the previous knit, and that I even noted it on my Ravelry project page… LOL, sorry for not paying attention, past me!

Indicating the decrease/increase rounds

I chose the very fitted version of the pattern. After the bust, I decreased seven times, then I knitted straight for about 9 centimetres, and then I started increasing for the hips. I finished the lace and was not entirely sure how it would turn out. I might have made the body a bit too long, causing the lace to curl up.

Curling up bottom edge…

So I hoped that this would be corrected by blocking the top. If not, I would have to tink back and make the top a bit shorter. I was not looking forward to doing that…

Pinning down the lace yoke
Pinning down the bottom edge
Still a bit wet, so no full body cat block
Now it’s dry!

Finally, the top was dry! It took almost two days, probably because there were two layers on top of each other. I could try it on… And I was pleasantly surprised. The bottom edge had stopped curling, and the top fitted quite well!

The bottom edge works!
Rear view

I might start making more garments.

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