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Hommage à Klee

After my recording of Mémoire, I took some time to try and record the other two parts of Drieluik as well. I just finished editing Hommage à Klee, the third song in the cycle. The first song, En Rade, is the hardest to get right and also the longest. I will share it with you once I get it done.

So, please bear with me while I make these recordings available out of order. I hope you don’t mind.

Hommage à Klee is a song about a man who folds his handkerchief into a ship. He then sails away to the land between evening and night where the swallows of the evening red live. They sing in soft-blue languages. He then feels that he softly lands on clouds of dreams.

I love the colourful language in this poem by Theo van Baaren. I feel like painting the scenes – maybe I will at some point! I’ll get my soft pastels out and draw the land between evening and night. But for now, this little video will have to do. I used some stock videos from Pexels as opposed to my own videos from the previous videos I made.

Hommage à Klee

I’m curious what you think. Do you recognise the elements from Mémoire that I referenced? The brooding parallel fifths are there, but now there is movement forward. And in the end, when you reach a solution, you realise that it was inside you all along: your inspiration and your imagination.

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