Song of the day: Nuit d’Espagne

I’ve been playing the violin a lot, lately. It’s fun to rediscover my first instrument! Slowly, I’m getting better at it, and while I have no ambitions except for enjoyment, it is nice to notice that playing with intention and curiosity is paying off like that. And when I’m in my studio, I usually play the violin a bit, and then I move on to singing and/or playing the piano as well. It’s an inviting space and I can feel that it helps me express myself.

The weather has been sort of spring-like lately, and it is an exciting time of the year. More light, more sounds, more smells, more colours, which is even more impactful now that we’re all spending so much time at home and inside because of the pandemic. Usually, I get all giddy and enthusiastic because I love this time of year. And then after a little while I crash, because my sensory system gets overwhelmed by all the extra input. But generally, I really enjoy it. Just have to remember to pace myself.

So, for today’s song, I’ve selected a warm, seductive serenade about Spanish nights. It’s called Nuit d’Espagne, and it was written by Jules Massenet. The poem was written by Louis Gallet.

Spanish night (translation by Richard Stokes)

The air is perfumed, the night serene
And my soul is filled with joyful thoughts;
O my beloved, come! my beloved,
Now is the moment of love!

Into the deep woods, where flowers slumber
And where the streams sing,
Quickly, let us flee, let us flee!
Look, the bright moon smiles at us from the sky.

Prying eyes need no longer be feared,
Come, my beloved, night conceals your blushing brow!
The night is serene, soothe my heart!
It is the hour of love! The hour!

In the dark blue sky the pale stars
Draw aside their veils to see you pass,
O my beloved, come! my beloved,
Now is the moment of love!

I saw your muslin curtains move,
You can hear me, cruel one,
And you do not come, do not come!
Look, the path is dark beneath entwined branches!

Gather your youthful years in their splendour,
Come, for time is short!
A single day scatters the flowers of spring!
The night is serene, soothe my heart!

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