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I’m sure you have noticed that there haven’t been many fibre-related posts, lately. I am still spinning my large purple project (500 grams of fibre from World of Wool). Here’s a progress pic:

Galaxy All Stars blend

I’m spinning on spindle eleven now, rolag number 22 out of 44… and there is more fibre that didn’t fit in the suitcase… so I’ll be busy with that for a while to come. It’s a sweater quantity. Will I finally knit a cardigan out of handspun yarn after that? Stay tuned!

The hills are alive

Last week I was on holiday. First, we visited my brother and his family for a few days, and then we stayed in a beautiful holiday home for a few days after that. Both were soothing for the soul. I brought some knitting (a skein of sock yarn), but I didn’t knit one stitch. Instead, I relaxed, went out on photography walks, read, played games, and slept. Wonderful. The knitting project wasn’t speaking to me, so I decided to just let it sit in its bag and enjoy myself in other ways. No guilt.


Ever since my Healing the superego course started, I have been making different choices in what I do. It’s not a conscious choice, but I have hardly watched tv. Usually, around this time of year I’m following Masterchef Australia. This year, I have watched the first three or so episodes, and the rest is still waiting. I haven’t watched a YouTube video in a month. My brain wants to do different things, it seems. Walking among the trees is one of them.

I love the woods

Another is composing music. I think that I know why. During the past years I have been struggling from time to time because I could not be a singer as my day job. It took some time to become at peace with that. Making music kind of triggered that grief, and it was hard for me to enjoy it because of that. But recently, that has changed. I really love writing music again. Music is so dear to my heart that I can hardly express how happy that makes me!

Making music

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this little piece. The melody just came to me and I recorded myself humming it because I was not able to get to a piano and pen/paper. When I had the chance, I wrote it down and quite naturally it became a trio for oboe, violin and violoncello. A bit baroque-like, which I like. It was all about feelings, not about fancy stuff. The emotions that I wanted to express were hope, consolation, determination and joy. I’m calling it a Pavane.


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