Freya and Fiona Friday 13: Food

Has it really been 13 weeks already? It’s hard to believe. But at the same time, Freya feels so close and so very far away, so how do you even measure that?

Anyway, today on the thirteenth Freya and Fiona Friday, the theme is “Food”. Freya was very food-motivated, especially when she was younger. She would eat a lot and not only her own food either. Fiona naturally ate much less. So when I was going through my photos and videos, there were not that many of Fiona. Which is, of course, true in general, since she passed away five years earlier, and I wasn’t as obsessed with photographing my cats before that. I do try to always include at least one item about Fiona in my Friday posts, though. I enjoy actively bringing up my memories of her.

In general, I don’t have many food-related pictures. Most of my pictures are portraits or pictures of them sleeping. But there are some, and some videos as well. So, just like last week, I combined them into one little video.

It’s mostly Freya eating and Fiona cleaning up, haha! But I did find a “naughty” Fiona who was licking my plate after dinner. And one of Freya as well. She just loved mayonnaise! You can’t even see it, but she still smells it on the plate.

They both also really loved luncheon meat and liver sausage. One time, Freya (I think, because she’s heavier) managed to crack open the fridge and take out an unopened liver sausage. They then worked on getting the meat out of the plastic wrapper and did quite a thorough job…

Looking back through my pictures I realise that my old house was even messier and dirtier than I allowed myself to notice back then. It was and is quite a source of shame. I’m determined to keep our new house clean and tidy by not having so much stuff, and by making it easier to clean. It is working for now. But the contrast is so big with back then that I’m a little shocked even though I really know how bad it was. So, let’s just focus on the cats, okay? Thanks 🙂

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