Freya and Fiona Friday 11: Nap time

Cats are masters at napping. They do it often, so they gain lots of experience. When you see a cat sleeping soundly, it can make you a bit envious, because they look so completely relaxed and comfortable.

Freya and Fiona had their own favourite napping spots and positions. Fiona preferred the cat loaf or the tight ball position, and small spaces like boxes and beds were her favourite spots.

But sometimes, Fiona did sleep in a more relaxed position.

Freya loved lying belly up or on her side on the couch, or curled up in a box. I guess that that means that Freya usually felt more safe than Fiona.

When they were little, they often slept together. But once they were grown up, they didn’t do that anymore. They both needed their own space. But they didn’t mind to be next to each other. They both loved sleeping in my lap as well. So they took turns who could lie in my lap and who could sleep next to it.

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