2 thoughts on “Expressing your needs

  1. I find myself unable – technically speaking – follow you. Would you check this out, please, Meilindis ?
    The extraordinary, talented Spinning Anna has referred me to your blog; and the fact that you have a tortoiseshell moggy who (I use the relative pronoun deliberately) looks very like her Poekie is additionally appealing. 🙂
    I shall wander off now amid your delightful posts, in hopes that you can ascertain why, when I click the * Follow button I am … BLOCKED !

    1. Hello! How nice that you want to follow my blog! I have looked into the problem, but I have no idea why that plugin doesn’t work 🙁
      However, I have installed another plugin which should enable subscribing to my blog via the comment form… I’ll experiment a bit more, and hopefully, I can make it work. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

      Edit: I managed to add a new Follow button at the top and bottom of the blog. I hope this works!

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