Freya and Fiona Friday 7: Boxes

If you know cats, you will probably know that they cannot resist cardboard boxes. Why that is? There is a lot of speculation, but nobody really knows. I think that it might be the combination of smell, texture, and insulation that does the trick.

Anyway, put down a cardboard box somewhere, and your cat will definitely not be able to resist sitting in it. Freya and Fiona were no exception. Even if it was only the lid of a box.

Freya especially was a total box lover. She loved paper and cardboard in all combinations. To sit in, or to sit on.

Sometimes a box is very small, and the cat doesn’t fit. Or so it seems. The cat disagrees, of course. If I fits, I sits.

Fiona didn’t encounter that problem too often, since she was very small. She actually fitted in tiny boxes.

Sometimes, a box was wrapped in something else, and it required investigating.

Sometimes, a box was very large, and it was more like a small room.

The best boxes were neither too large, nor too small, but júst right. Preferably, (for Freya, at least), filled with crinkly paper that you can knead and rearrange to your liking. Whenever I got a package from someone, I added a layer of paper to the current box in the house. That would make the box a favourite spot again.

Freya loved having a chin rest as well. Another requirement for the perfect box.

Of course, it didn’t really matter if the box was meant for you or not.

Freya and Fiona certainly loved their boxes. They even shared them, reluctantly. Usually, Freya would be the first one to try out a box, and later, Fiona would get her turn.

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