Freya and Fiona Friday 15: Lap time

Today is the 15th Friday since Freya passed away. Today I’m looking back on one of our favourite pastimes: lap time. Both Freya and Fiona were total cuddle bugs. As a kitten, Fiona really enjoyed sitting on top of me, but she couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to be with my face or with my hands. So she would walk up my chest to my face for a head bonk, then see my hands in my lap and go back to be petted, see my face, etc etc etc

When they were small, they cuddled on my lap together, but I don’t have pictures of that. Later, they just took turns, and they enjoyed sitting close to me while the other was getting lap time. Fiona was smaller and thinner than Freya, and I think that Freya sometimes found it too hot to sit in my lap, so she would lie next to me on the couch while Fiona took the lap spot. But Freya also really enjoyed lap time.

Of course, sometimes there would be other things in my lap, for example, a laptop, or a spindle. But that didn’t stop the kitties from claiming their spot for long. And of course I would prefer petting them over whatever work I would be doing anyway.

Sitting in a lap is fun, but it’s also nice to sit just on one leg or hand. Or chest. Or foot.

Here’s a short video again. Watching Freya and Fiona enjoy their pettings is so soothing. You can even hear Freya spin in part of the video!

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