Freya and Fiona Friday 4: Friends

Four weeks, you guys. It has been four weeks already since Freya passed away. And yet it still feels unreal that Freya is gone forever. In a way, she is still there, but she also seems so, so far away. I find it hard to imagine her being here actively, but when I don’t try, she seems to be there just like always, just without her physical presence. I remember what it feels like to pet her belly or rub her chin and cheeks. How she tapped my leg asking to be picked up when I was working at my desk. She could walk in any moment.

It’s hard to believe that those moments are only in the past now, and that I will not experience them ever again physically.

So I want to keep all those memories alive. I don’t want to forget her, and the things that made her so special. I’m glad that I have taken so many pictures and videos of her. They make it easier to access memories I didn’t realise were there. And I’m enjoying revisiting my memories of Fiona as well. Freya Friday is actually Freya and Fiona Friday.

The past few Fridays have been about Freya and Fiona’s kittenhood. Today, I’m focusing on the relationship between Freya and Fiona. When they moved in with me, they were inseparable. They played together and slept together, like a true bonded pair.

Especially in the beginning, they were sleeping in a cuddle puddle. But later, they started appreciating having their own sleeping spots. They were not that tiny anymore, and having a sister next to you was not always preferable. They both had some personal favourite spots, and they also slept together regularly still.

But life is not always about friends. Sometimes, an enemy appears!

Freya and Fiona were on the balcony, when a local ginger cat passed by on the roof. Freya and him locked eyes, and a tense situation unfolded…

Freya was quite shocked that another cat was inside her territory. And Fiona was too.

The neighbourhood cat was not impressed, and came even closer. I think he found the situation quite interesting.

Freya decided to scare him off by climbing on top of the back of a chair that was standing in front of the balcony door.

She shortly pondered jumping onto the balcony door from there, but fortunately she changed her mind.

And then the ginger cat ran off. Freya and Fiona were very proud that they had successfully defended their territory.

Another time, a strange cat even entered the house. This event caused Freya and Fiona to start distancing themselves from each other. They were upset because of the scary strange cat and projected it onto each other, I think. I think that Fiona especially lost some trust there. After that, they never were best friends again. But they did find a new balance. Fiona tolerated Freya sleeping close to her. Just not touching her. Unless they were together in or near my lap. Because we were all best friends!

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