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Low-key holiday

It has been a while since I posted, and that’s because I have been on a short holiday last week. My husband and I have been at home a lot because of Covid-19 since March, and now that restrictions have been lifted somewhat, we decided to go on a getaway here in The Netherlands, and we even brought Freya with us.

A small suitcase filled with fibre craft supplies
Holiday supplies

I brought some craft supplies with me for both spinning and knitting. We traveled to the north of The Netherlands, Opperdoes to be exact. The landscape there is very Dutch: super flat, meadows, agriculture, and water.

A Dutch landscape: water, meadows with cows, and some trees in the distance
Very Dutch indeed

We rented a holiday home for two. It was one big open living space, with an open second floor that was the bedroom. There was a large plot of land behind the house as well.

Another landscape: the view at the back of the house
The garden

The house itself was quite traditional – it had that particular style that is common around those parts. Wooden paneling on the outside, with some special ornaments.

The holiday house from the back. It has green wooden paneling.
Fairy tale house

Freya really enjoyed the new environment. At first, she was a bit skittish because of all the new smells and sounds, but with time she relaxed, and we even brought her outside into the garden a few times!

Freya looking a bit tense
First time outside
Freya being a bit more relaxed, sitting in the garden
After discovering the grass

She loved eating grass and sniffing everything. She was a bit scared of the strong wind, though.

Freya walking on the grass
After a while, walking on the grass was acceptable too
Freya sitting on aa stack of blue planks, watching the garden
Relaxing outside

My husband and I were very tired from busy times at work, as well as me recovering from the surgery. So we tried to relax and take it easy, and we succeeded. The disadvantage of that is that you suddenly start feeling how exhausted you really are, but after that you can start recovering.

A kitchen table with English breakfast for two
Taking our time

We visited some of the small cities around the holiday house, like Hoorn and Medemblik. But we were mostly at home, reading, watching tv, and chilling. Very nice.

Sheep lying in a row
A row of sheep

I took a few walks alone to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful little village close by.

A traditional Dutch house with teal wooden paneling
Such a cute house
A house that looks a bit church-like
Interesting architecture
The main street of Twisk
Nice and green too
A group of cows
So many cows everywhere
Typical wooden roof ornaments of the local houses
These were part of most traditional houses
An ornamented front door with iron work
These patterns were also quite common
Modern wind mills in the Dutch landscape
Clean energy

I recovered from the surgery quite nicely, by the way. My husband had to carry the heavier things, but in general I was fine. I did find out that I’m hypersensitive to heparins, though. There’s still a red, itchy spot on my leg where they gave me the injection three weeks ago. Don’t worry, I have some creams that are helping.

Me, Freya, and my husband in the car
Going home

After a week, we had to go back home. It was too soon, but we did have a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. I had hardly spun anything and I had not touched the knitting at all.

Freya lying on my lap, together with a supported spindle
Lap full of lovelies

Back home, I got in some spinning time until Freya decided that she wanted to sleep on my lap. She was tired after the car ride. All is good now.

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