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24 days of fluff

This year, I again purchased a Schaap & Draak advent calendar. I blogged about it back in November, when I was looking forward to opening it and finding out what it contained this time. Last year, it was a lot of fun to open a small fibre present every day, and all that fibre kept me spinning well into the new year. This year, it was just as nice. Again, I decided not to start spinning immediately, because I wanted to see what I had before starting.

After the first twelve days, I turned the first set into rolags and put them in my suitcase.

So colourful

Then, on the 18th day, Freya passed away. I didn’t open presents for a few days because I just didn’t feel like doing fun things at all. But in the end I opened them all and they did brighten up my days a bit.

So, here’s what the box contained. The first twelve days of fibre are in the suitcase, and the second twelve days are laid down around it.

Colour party in a box

And here is an overview of all the fibres that were in the box:

Yesterday, when I had unwrapped the final present, a lovely mulberry silk, I decided to start creating more rolags. I made two rolags for each fibre sample. It was easy to make them for the (semi) solids, but for the multis, I had to decide how to blend them.

Pretty colours!

For some of the multi-coloured fibre, I decided to make two similar rolags with the same colour gradient. For other multis, I created a gradient over two rolags. And some multis I just blended randomly. That should keep the spinning interesting!

So here are the finished rolags:

Of course, I had to take a group picture of all the fluffy goodness before I start spinning:

24 days of fluff

Let’s see how long it will take me this time. The previous advent calendar took me over half a year (with some other projects coming in between, of course).

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