In the last week of the Tour de Fleece, I started a second spinning project. I combined two braids of Schaap & Draak BFL in greys with a Nunoco merino gradient and some firestart. I used my blending board to create a set of 48 rolags. I spun a bit over a third in the final week of the Tour, and continued spinning afterwards. I finished spinning the last rolag last Thursday.

23 spindles full of singles

This fibre was very nice to spin. I tried to make it a bit thicker than my previous spin and succeeded this time! It’s quite fluffy and soft. I chain plied the singles on my wheel on Friday and filled up two bobbins.

Two Ashford jumbo bobbins

On Saturday, I wound the yarn on a niddy noddy and measured it. It was 300 grams and 916 meters, a nice sport weight! I think I may make either a thicker shawl out of it, or a small shrug/cardigan for when it gets colder again. The heatwave is finally over, and it’s bearable to think about wool and warm clothes again.

300 grams, 916 meters of sport weight yarn

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