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Icy green

When I started spinning this Nunoco roving it was still July. I had just finished my Tour de Fleece spinning, and I looked forward to working with this soft merino in the delicious colour Fjord. Then I started knitting on my Niebling alongside, and since I am a serial crafter, the spinning disappeared to the background.

Nunoco Blended Top in the Fjord colourway

In September it was Malcolm Fielding month in the Spin Cycle of the Yarn Therapy Zone group on Ravelry. I decided to participate and finish this spin. I came quite far, but in the last week I went on holiday, and I didn’t bring my spinning. I decided to start knitting a pretty shawl, and so the spinning disappeared into the background again.

But after finishing the shawl, I felt like spinning again. So I spun every night until I finished the singles yesterday.

Singles on the spindles

I started plying last night and finished it this afternoon. I did sleep in between, by the way. I n-plied the singles on my wheel.

Plied on my Joy

Then I wound a skein. In the end it turned out to be 597m/100g, a heavy lace weight, with the same thickness as Malabrigo Lace. It’s nice and crisp and wintery and I’m already thinking about what to knit with it. Perhaps I will combine it with another handspun?

597m/100g 3-ply heavy lace weight


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