A few years ago, I went to a colour analysis together with some Ravelry friends. I turned out to be a cool summer type: I look best when wearing cool pastel colours that are medium to dark next to my face. Not too much contrast, just a bit. I usually wear blue, pink, grey, purple, or taupe nowadays, and my wardrobe consists mainly of colours that are part of my palette.

Cool summer palettes

I do really like my colour palette, but there are some colours that I tend to miss. Mostly the warmer greens and rusty browns, as well as bright fuchsia, sky blue, and other jewel tones. So when I saw that lovely, lovely HedgehogFibres Skinny Singles in the Swamp colourway at Cross & Woods a couple of months ago, I almost started drooling, but I resisted the temptation.


I visited Cross & Woods two weeks ago, and it was still there, that beautiful swampy green skein that was calling to me. And I decided to become a rebel right then and there. I can get away with green, but this skein was only 360 metres, and I prefer to make larger things nowadays. And my eyes fell on another skein of the same yarn in the colourway Copper Penny. A rusty orange!

Copper Penny

Somehow, these skeins seemed to combine well. Even though the colours were almost on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they both seemed to suggest a common olive oil-like golden base. They also seemed to be almost equally dark, so the only contrast between them was the colour.

Awesome combo!

When I came home, my suspicions were confirmed. When I converted the photo of these skeins to black and white, this happened:

Black and white

I wonder what a colourblind person would see when they see my shawl…

I wanted to use these skeins in a project in which they could both shine. Not brioche, preferably (too hot to wear in the summer), nor fair isle (I didn’t want a “wrong side”). The previous project that I knitted used mosaic stitch, and I wanted to knit something similar. Then I found the reversible shawl collection by Amanda Schwabe!

I selected the pattern¬†Two to knit with these yarns. You could just keep knitting until you would run out of yarn, and I love that in a pattern. I always want to use the skeins that I have completely, asI know that I’m not great with projects made with leftovers (I’m either never ready to start or never ready to finish them).

I started knitting and the shawl started growing from one of the points of the shallow, asymmetrical triangle shape. I loved the autumn-y look of it!

Small beginnings

The shawl is basically knit in garter stitch, and some stitches travel around on both sides. Very cool!

The “wrong” side
The “right” side

While knitting, I was still not sure whether this shawl would look any good on me, but I didn’t care, I just liked the look of it. And since two out of three criteria of my colour type (medium to dark, muted) were met, I was hoping to be able to get away with it.

Then it was done! The shawl is quite large and nice and thick. I think that, from a distance, it may blend into a warm brownish colour with orange or green accents (depending on the way you wear it). I will probably wear it with the green pattern visible, as I prefer that side, but the other side looks great as well!

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