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Against the light

Here’s a little trial painting¬†in which I’m trying to set a scene against the light. First I painted the sky/background in warm yellow, orange, and purple tints. Then I painted the foreground in very light blues, greens, and pink. I added bits of grass to give it some depth and texture. The grass is made up of many colours, and somehow the suggestion of water just arose all by itself.

I painted a row of trees in the background as the front of a forest. The trees had bright yellow, orange, and red leaves. I added some reflections to the bits of water that were in front of them. I added purple shadows to the trees, because the light comes from behind them. I tried to suggest that there were more trees behind the first row by adding trunks in lighter shades in between the more prominent ones.

Sunset (23x30cm 300gsm Fabriano paper)
Sunset (23x30cm 300gsm Fabriano paper)

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