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Depth and silhouette

Remember the painting I was working on? This is the one:


I worked on it a bit more, adding in some details to make it more interesting. This painting is a bit of a doodle, in which I’m experimenting. I’m trying to work with lighter, duller colours the further things are away. It’s fun to do! This is how it turned out:

Dreamscape (22x29cm Fabriano paper)
Dreamscape (22x29cm Fabriano paper)

As you can see I have added a forest, a castle in the clouds, the sea, a sailing boat, and a cat with three kittens. I could have continued working, but I felt done with this. So I took a bit of paper and started painting cats:


I love painting cats! Painting only their silhouette is a nice challenge too. I think I should have left out the line, though.
I also tried painting a cat and a dog. Turns out, the biggest difference is the snout.


And one more cat picture, just for the heck of it.


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