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Meeting some new friends

I had already spotted them sitting in the window sill, but lately they have been getting out of the house from time to time. They cautiously walk the stairs, and any sudden noise sends them running back up, to safety. I am of course talking about the two cats of the neighbours across the street.

Today I saw them outside again and I decided to go out and meet them, if they were willing. There are plenty of neighbourhood cats here, and most of them are quite approachable. These new kids (kits?) were still quite unaccustomed to being outside (and meeting other people), so I had to take it slowly. They were actually defending their territory from the white & tabby lady who was sending threatening looks from under a car. Later I saw that the tuxedo was also there. A cat’s life is really not boring!


I circled around and crossed the street, trying to look like I was not a threat to the newcomers. They were a bit skittish, the ginger ran off, back upstairs, taking the tortie with him (she was following his lead). But they came back! And with some patience, I was able to pet ginger kitten and stand very close.


Tortie was still on the stairs, observing.


From a distance she looks a lot like Freya, but once you get closer, you can see her beautiful amber eyes. She is stunning! She also started to get curious, so she came down a bit…


… and a bit more…


Ready to sniff! So I introduced my smell and got a few pets in. She is clearly a bit younger than her red housemate, but she is quite brave. Tortitude rules!

After I got the tails-up, the tortie joined her red friend on the pavement to hang around and roll.


They even started playing! A bit hesitantly, though. Every unexpected sound still distracted them. But they seemed to be having fun!


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