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The SlipStripeSpiral socks are coming along nicely. I’m not in a hurry, there’s plenty of time to finish them, so I’m also doing other things like eating and sleeping in between. I have now finished the foot of both socks and am moving on to the heels. It’s a bit tricky to keep the yarns in the right place, because I’m working from both ends of the lilac yarn.

Progress pic

The heel is done with Japanese shortrows, a new technique for me, which produces in this case a number of wedges, effectively turning the heel. You need twenty removable stitch markers, and because I only have the small hair elastics, I’m using paperclips for that purpose.

Paperclips in my sock!
Paperclips in my sock!

The green gradient is not very obvious yet, but it is a bit lighter by now. It looks really good in the slip stitch pattern.

Slip stitch pattern
Slip stitch pattern


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