Tour de Fleece: Finished!

Yesterday was the final day of the Tour de Fleece. Time for a sprint! I was still spinning some lovely glittery Nunoco fibre: Icarus blended top.

Nunoco blended top Icarus

It consists of 23 micron merino, mulberry silk and firestar. I turned it into rolags because I prefer spinning rolags to spinning straight from the top.

Nunoco Icarus and Fjord rolags

I was a bit ambitious, and I blended another top as well: Nunoco Fjord. A lovely pale green that may be a good combination with Icarus. I started spinning on Monday, and I still had two rolags to go on Sunday. I went into a higher gear and finished spinning the rolags!

Singles done

Meanwhile my house is littered with glittery fibre. Oh well.

I started n-plying the singles on my wheel and then I wound the yarn unto my skein winder. It turned out to be 520m/100g n-ply, so a light fingering yarn, before washing!

So many colours!

That was my last Tour de Fleece project. Time to take a look at the start and finish…

Initial plan

This was my starting photo. I wanted to spin my swap fibre, the fibre from Undercover Otter, and the Nunoco Spinoco box fibre. In the end I exchanged the Spinoco for the Icarus top, so I managed to spin about as much as I had planned: 300 grams of fibre!

Project 1: superfine merino from Undercover Otter, 720m/100g
Project 2: silk/merino from MandaCrafts, 98m/38g
Project 3: Dutch Wool Diva polwarth/silk, 259m/50g
Project 4: Nunoco Icarus, 520m/100g
Handspun Tour de Fleece 2017

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