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Drawing – continued

After making that portrait of my niece yesterday, which is probably the nicest drawing I ever made (I didn’t draw that much realistic stuff before, just some doodling…), I was really looking forward to going home after work today. More time to practice! I had decided to experiment a little bit with the Inktense drawing of Freya, and use some water to blur the ink somewhat. What I didn’t expect, but happened anyway, is that the colours became darker and more intense when applying the moisture!

Freya drawing with Inktense - after applying water
Freya drawing with Inktense – after applying water

Okay, the drawing still isn’t great or anything, but it is a bit better than before. You only need a tiny bit of water, I used a swab to apply it with.

After playing with water, I wanted to play with colours again. This time I wanted to make a portrait of Freya, and make it nicer than the first drawing. I looked for another photograph, and started working. It was not easy to make it nice, because Freya has a lot of dark fur, and I didn’t want the lines to become too thick. I did blur it a little with my dry swab, improving the coverage, but it’s still not entirely there. It was much different from making the baby portrait from yesterday!

Freya in a box
Freya in a box

It looks a bit rough on the edges, charcoal-y, but I’m still quite happy for trying. It’s amazing how much depth of colour you start to see once you concentrate on the details! And did you notice that Freya has a white moustache (on the left side of her face)? The hairs on the right are black!

I found out I really need those extra pencils… Mixing pastel is possible, but not easy (colours keep shining through, blending takes more work, especially with the harder pencils I have), and I think I need my colours in multiple shades (light-medium-dark or something) to make some extra nuances. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow!

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