Just in time!

Today I finished and blocked a long-time work-in-progress: my Rusty Chestnut Spices Shawl, in Wollmeise Tandoori Masala. I started this shawl in April 2011, but frogged it again because of the pattern, which existed of a couple of separate charts with different row totals, which kept confusing me. I started knitting another pattern with the yarn, but that one just wasn’t right, so I frogged that too. Then, after getting my iPad and buying the great app KnitCompanion, I restarted the first pattern, now registering where I was on the iPad, and that went a lot better. However, after getting about half way the first half, something else took away my attention, and the WIP ended up in my knitting basket for quite some time.

One of the events of the Ravellenics/Raveoly is WIP wrestling. You finish a WIP that has been dormant since mid-May. I definitely qualified with this one, but didn’t think I would get to finishing it with knitting the Catkin and having two exams and a concert during the Raveoly. However, once I started again and got the hang of the pattern, it went quite fast after all. So, yesterday evening I finished knitting the second half, and this morning I grafted the two halves together, using kitchener stitch. I even incorporated a couple of beads in the grafting! I’m quite pleased with the result, which is blocking right now. The deep colours of Wollmeise yarn always keep attracting me, like the flame attracts the mosquito!

This will be my final Ravellenic entry, since I only have until midnight to finish something else – not gonna happen!

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