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Harry Potter Swap

I’m a member of the Odd Ducks group on Ravelry, which is an international theme swap group. This time I decided to join the Harry Potter: Spells and Potions Swap. It was a lot of fun to stalk my partner, who lives in Sweden. Last week, my package arrived there, and she was very happy with it.

Yesterday I came home from work and found a big and super heavy package from the USA. It was the package which Ashley from Louisiana, my secret partner, had put together for me. It was full of awesomeness! Here are some pictures of all the cool stuff she sent me… Prepare yourselves for some major unyielding picspam!

When I lifted the lids, there was a clear clue that this was indeed my HP package:

I took out the pretty bag and found a letter. Closed with a wax seal! With a raven on it! OMG!

Ashley had written me a warm welcome note, because she’s a Ravenclaw too, you see. She sent me loads of handy things for my time at Hogwarts. She sure knows her stuff! It’s like having a great big sister!

There were lots of packages. The first one I took out was for Potions class. I got all kinds of ingredients, and even three bottles of Polyjuice potion (to become Ginny, Snape, or even Dumbledore himself!).

Then, I found some very nice accessories. A necklace with the school motto in morse code, a Ravenclaw crest, and a feather from Fawkes to use as a bookmark!

There was also a recipe for Butterbeer! And a mug to drink it from! And butter flavour in case I couldn’t get that here. I’ve indeed never seen something like it in the supermarket, so I’m glad she put those in! I’m very curious what it tastes like.

On and on in went, and there was still more in the box. Are you guys jealous yet? You should be! Next I found a handmade project bag in my house colours!

And there was a handmade pillow which you can heat in the microwave and use when you have sore muscles or injuries from the Care of Magical Creatures Class. It even has loads of magical creatures on it!

Ashley also thought of how cold it could get at Hogwarts, especially in the dungeons, so she knitted me a pair of mitts to wear to Potions class! In house colours, of course 🙂

Finally, she also sent me yarn, for those moments of relaxation between classes. It is the. *perfect*. colour. And so soft and squishy, I want to cuddle it! She had it made to order, if I recall correctly what I read when I stalked her back 🙂

I’m so stoked! This was one of the greatest swaps ever, and Ashley really did a great job stalking me. I love it all!

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