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Last Monday, I had my birthday, and even though I didn’t really celebrate it on that day, I really felt spoiled! On Saturday, Edith and Redmer were here and brought us presents (also for Davids birthday): a calendar of Loesje (fun!), a book about how to do stuff you didn’t even know existed, and for me handmade olive soap and a scrubbing mitten!

In the morning my parents congratulated me and I also received some sweet messages, postcards and emails from family and friends. But as if that wasn’t enough, I was spoiled by people I never met in real life as well! I’m part of some rak groups on Ravelry, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and some members of these groups sent me some wonderful gifts!

In the middle of the night I already received congratulations via Twitter, and another sent me the pattern of the Galathea shawl. Monday morning another rak-er sent me the pattern of Saraste. And when I opened Ravelry, I had already received quite some sweet messages, and they continued to come in during the day! Later that day, the mail brought some envelopes, I had already received some more in the past days (written on it: open on November 8th), so then I was allowed to unpack some nice presents! In the picture you can see what I got. In the afternoon another rak-er sent me the pattern of Some Assembly Required. In the days after my birthday I kept receiving postcards, and today I received a wonderful package with crocheted fingerless mitts and a pincushion from Hungary! Heartwarming, and proof that social media really offer a worthwhile addition to your life! Thanks a million, everybody!

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