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Summer spin

Almost a year ago, I prepared the rolags for a spinning project. The fibre was from the Hedgehog Fibres Fibre Club December 2019, and it contained 50% merino wool, 25% silk, and 25% flax.

HHF Fibre Club December 2019

I had never spun with flax before, so that would be interesting to try. I really liked the fresh colours of this blend. First I divided the braids into 48 parts.

Then I blended 48 rolags on my blending board. I tried to randomly pick colours, so that the final result would not be too predictable. I also tried to divide the flax evenly, avoiding clumps of one type of fibre. Blending the fibre did mute the colours, because there was quite a bit of white in the fibre.


It took a little while, but then I had my suitcase full of rolags. I could start spinning!

Ready to start!

I decided to spin thin singles this time, so I selected (mostly) The Spindle Shop Dyavols to do the job. Those spindles are fast and perfect for spinning lightweight yarns. I could fit two rolags on one spindle before it would start to affect my twist too much.


I spun quite a bit during the summer. But then I went on holiday. I didn’t want to bring my spindles with me, so I brought a knitting project. And then I adopted Puk and Pippi, and suddenly, spindles were toys!

I decided to keep knitting for a bit longer, and cast on my blanket. That took a while to finish as well (thank you, kittens). And when that was finally done, I decided to give spinning another try. The kittens are still very playful, of course, but they do take an afternoon nap that I can take advantage of. So, I finally was able to finish the project that I started in June 2021!

All spindles are full!

I tried to spin the same thickness as before the hiatus. Quite the challenge. I think I managed to do it, but to be sure that the yarn would turn out even, I plied the spindles in random order. That way, any discrepancies would be spread out evenly, instead of the yarn becoming thicker (or thinner) towards the end.

Chain plied
Creating a skein on the niddy noddy

Then, finally, it was done! The yarn turned out to be light fingering weight: 1384 metres and 250 grams. I love the subtle colours, but I was not fond of the harshness of the flax. After washing the skein, that has improved a bit, so I’m hoping that it will become softer with time. I think that there should be just enough yarn for a summer tee.

Summer Sugar

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