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Snuggle buddy

As you know, Freya is the sweetest cat. She follows me around the house and loves being close to her humans. Whenever I sit at my desk, she jumps up and joins me. She puts her front paws on my left forearm, flops onto her side and presses her hind feet against my left hand. If she’s in a great mood, she’ll give little head bumps to my elbow and upper arm. She’ll purr extremely loudly, even if I don’t pet her. It’s her ritual and it soothes us both.

If you imagine this scene, it becomes clear that it’s hard for me to catch it on camera. Usually, I don’t have my phone with me at my desk, but even if I did, the angle would be difficult and the light would not be great. But today, she did her snuggle trick when I was sitting on the couch. I managed to film it to show you all how adorable she is.

Bump… Bump… Bump!

I love her so much!

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