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Dancing carps

I love taking walks during my lunch break. I work in an office building near the highway. You can walk through a tunnel to the other side of the highway, where you will find green meadows and lots of animals. Often, I walk along the green fields and trees, and the walk takes about 45 minutes. But yesterday I did things differently.

Under the highway

My knee has been hurting since last Friday. Back in 2011, I had a bicycle accident in which I tore off my ACL in my right knee, and I also managed to tear my meniscus such that it was stuck within the joint, preventing me from stretching my leg. After waiting for about five weeks (due to hospital error) I finally got surgery and I had to rehabilitate for another six weeks or so before I could start to put a bit more pressure on my knee. It took me about half a year to return to almost normal function. Fortunately, I almost never experience discomfort in my knee, just some aches when the weather turns (I’ve turned into a sailor!) and I cannot stretch the knee as much as before the whole ordeal. But I can walk and run and cycle and everything, so I’m quite grateful for modern medical science.

View of the meadows

However, as I said, my knee was hurting for a few days already. I woke up with it. It felt similar to when I was rehabilitating, so I figured that I must have overextended it a bit. I tried to go about my business just like normal, but it didn’t improve. So yesterday I decided to give my knee some rest, and instead of walking the usual route around the fields, I would walk the small path into the fields themselves and enjoy the weather without walking too much.

The usual path
Yesterday’s path

I would like to walk the path from yesterday more often, but because of time constraints, I can only walk it back and forth, as opposed to my usual route. That also passes by the local animal shelter (hi kitties!) and through a small forest, so it’s more interesting. But it was rather enjoyable to walk into the fields for a change. There weren’t many people there, but the people that were there were standing around, pointing at the water from time to time. This perked my interest.

So much water, and life

I walked into the fields and heard some splashing noises from time to time. Not surprising, because often, when I pass coots that are in the water next to me, they take a short dive until I have passed. I didn’t think much of it until the splashing noises became longer and occurred more often. I started to look at the water more intently, and at first, I couldn’t really make out what was causing the splashes.


It was quite large though. And there was more than one of whatever it was.

Trying to find out what I’m looking at…

Did I see a tail? Was it a coot after all?


Then I realised that these were actually large fish, coming to the surface, and dancing around! I saw the sunlight reflecting on their scales.

Hello there!

I even caught the face of one of them on camera. Cool. I don’t know much about fish, or animals in general, but I think these are carps. I continued walking towards a small bridge and looked down into the water directly.


This one was rather small compared to most of the dancing carps out there, but at least now I could get a good look. I wondered what they were doing and why. Was it mating season? Were they hunting? Were they fighting, or perhaps playing?


I spent quite some time watching the carps dance. I forgot about the pain in my knee, and just enjoyed the warm sun, the playful carps, the waterfowl, the flowers, the few insects that I saw… Life is good!

Stealthy heron

By the way, I took the photos and video using a vintage lens, a Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.4 with adapter on my Fujifilm X-T20 and a manual approximation of the Eterna film preset. I think it works well, and I’m amazed by the sharpness of the lens on digital. The carp photos are all crops and they are still decent.


I looked up dancing carps on Google, and apparently it’s a thing. Nobody knows why they do it, although there are some theories floating around. I think they’re just having fun. Humans take a dive into the water, carps take a dive into the air. Or maybe they just want to get a tan.

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