Big failure…

Remember that I knitted some brioche mittens last year? Well, I ruined them this weekend. 

Nice and warm

These mittens were a bit too large for me, and they also let through the wind a bit. Last week, I gifted a pair of similar brioche mittens to my mother-in-law (she was so happy!), which I had fulled a bit to make them warmer.

Toasty mitten

This weekend, I decided to do the same with the original mittens. I was going to full them so that they would fit better, and wouldn’t let the wind blow through. Good idea, in theory. But you know what it’s like, in theory there’s no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.

This is what I ended up with:

Toasty and fulled

Not so bad, you say? Well, look at the next picture, then.


Yes, the mittens have fulled, but the brioche has relaxed. That has made the mittens way too large, even larger than before… I’m suspecting the recycled cashmere content of the mittens, that must have made them less springy than the pure lambswool of the MIL mittens…

So I’m pondering what to do now. I might line them and have some very thick and warm mittens for elegantly boxing in the snow. Or I may turn them into really fancy over mitts… Or felt them even more? If that is even possible?


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