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I’ve been bitten by the spinning bug again… Lately, I’ve been spinning every day, and enjoying it immensely. After my previous attempt at spinning thicker yarn, I decided to try it once more. This time I blended two tops I still had: one of Corriedale and one of Falkland roving, both in moody greys and blues.

North Sea colours

The two tops combined quite nicely, both in colour and in texture. One of them was a bit matted together, and using my blending board I managed to create smooth rolags for spinning. I hate it when the fibres are not cooperating while I’m drafting!

So I spun the rolags on my heavier spindles.

225 grams of singles

Not all of them are very heavy, but they all manage to keep the twist nicely. After finishing the singles, I chain plied them on my Joy. I managed to fill up the entire bobbin with the 225 grams of yarn! Then I gave it a bath, and hung it out to dry. Any remaining overtwisted sections balanced out nicely.

The resulting yarn is an aran weight yarn, way thicker than I usually spin. I love the generosity and fluffiness of it. It may become a cowl, but I don’t know yet.

After this project I felt like spinning a bit thinner again, but not too thin. Sport weight, perhaps? So I took out my two amazing braids of “Pauwvogel” fibre (merino/silk) from Schaap en Draak. When I saw this colourway a couple of years ago at the first Knit & Knot event, I fell in love instantly. Later I ordered two braids of this wonderful fibre from her and the time had finally come to spin it!

Pauwvogel by Schaap en Draak

I decided to spin this yarn entirely on Malcolm Fielding spindles. They’re my favourite spindles ever, very high quality and impeccable spinners. Malcolm’s shop is not doing so great, unfortunately, so I want to give these spindles the attention they deserve. If you’re looking for supported spindles, look no further, these will be your best friends.

Anyway, first I created rolags again:

Then I spun up the 200 grams of fibre on my Tibetans and Dyavols, which was a pleasure. I kept the colours together.

Singles done

I chain plied the singles on my Ashford Joy to keep the colours together, and the yarn turned out to be sport weight! I have 200 grams, so that is plenty for a large shawl, or maybe a set of cowl/hat/mitts? I don’t know yet. First I will just admire the yarn and pet it for a while.

Chain plied and drying
Final yarn

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