Ero Swap: the finale!

In the past month or so I was participating in the Ero Swap of the Dutch Karma Swap group on Ravelry. For this swap, you would get an undyed skein of superfine merino from Bart & Francis, which you had to dye yourself, and then make a project out of it for your swap partner. This way the swappers would all get an almost free present, and Bart & Francis would get a large number of project links on Ravelry for that particular yarn. Win-win! And fun!

I already wrote a blog post about the dyeing process. I was planning on weaving a scarf for my swap partner, using both colours. I found a nice 4 shaft pattern that I wanted to try:

Interesting 4 shaft pattern

I began weaving a bit of plain weave. However, when I started weaving the pattern, it didn’t look good at all. The pattern didn’t come out very clearly, so I decided to try something else. Fortunately my warp was threaded quite straightforward (1-2-3-4), so it was easy to just weave a simple twill pattern with the lift plan *1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-1, 3-4, 2-3* 1-2. This produced a zigzag pattern that looked quite nice!

The beginning

It’s interesting to see that the purple and teal affect each other. The teal looks rather green by itself, but next to the purple it is almost blue. The purple has a tiny bit of variegation in it, it sometimes tends to look more reddish, sometimes more blueish. The separate yarns look rather plain, but combined they are special.

Close up

The pattern looks very pretty in my opinion. I like simple, strong pattern the show off the yarn or the colour combination. It didn’t take that long for me to finish this scarf, because I just wanted to continue weaving all the time! I sent it to my swap partner this week, and she is very happy with it. Despite the hot weather she has been wearing it. How’s that for a compliment?


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