It really is purple!

… even though my camera can’t capture it properly! I’ve been spinning on and off on my AdrianArt merino project since December, with a hiatus in the middle when I had the flu. It’s finished now, plied and wound into a skein.

Singles finished
Plied and skeined

It’s 450m/100 grams of pure merino. It’s quite soft already, and I will give it a nice bath shortly!

My next spinning project is going to be interesting too. I’m going to spin 200 grams of Blend S (by Underdutchskies). Basically, I will spin bamboo, merino and silk into silver, Rumplestiltskin-style! I have already made rolags this afternoon…

Ready to spin!

I’m aiming for fingering weight, and I will possibly use it to make Cypri, a pattern that I’ve wanted to knit for quite some time now.


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