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Sága Cardigan

It’s done! Actually I finished the cardigan on Saturday already, but it was so hot over the weekend that I did not have any inclination to block it before today. We’re having a very warm late summer, even here next to the sea it has been almost 30 degrees Celsius every day since last Wednesday. Today is a cooler day, so I soaked the cardi and pinned it down.

Waterfall cardi
Waterfall cardi

It’s basically a straight rectangle with sleeves, but there is some cleverness going on. You can make it with one skein of Wollmeise Lace (I used 281 grams). I will describe how I made this cardigan in general terms, so if you like, you can try and make it yourself. It’s not a real pattern, it’s more like a recipe, and at this moment I have no intention of really making and testing a pattern for multiple sizes.

I have made the pattern available in my Ravelry store for free! It has not been test-knitted of course, but I don’t expect big problems with the pattern. This is a fairly easy and basic cardigan. You could make it more fun by adding patterning wherever you like. You could also make a buttonhole at one of the top corners and add a button on the other front panel, to close the cardigan.

Raglan sleeves
Raglan sleeves
Reverse ribbing
Reverse ribbing
Tight neckline
Tight neckline


Shortly after writing the first version of this blog post, my cardigan got the cat block of approval!

Freya thinks it's done.
Freya thinks it’s done.

So I took it off the blocking boards. It’s turned out quite nicely! I’ve made picture outside on the balcony to show the way it drapes. I’m very happy with it!

Waterfall cardigan, finished!

3 thoughts on “Sága Cardigan

  1. Really love the look of your Saga cardi, however I am confused about the increases;
    The directions for the cardigan indicate stitch markers to be placed between the sections; I took that to mean
    For the first 100 st panel knit 100, place st marker, knit 3, place stitch marker, knit A, place stitch marker, knit 3, place stitch marker.
    eg; After the purl row,
    knit up to 1 st before before the stitch marker (K 99), make increase, Knit 1 (1 increase)
    knit 2 of the K3 panel, make Increase and knit 1 (1 increase)
    Knit A panel to within 1 st of the marker, Make 1 (1 increase)
    Knit 2 make increase, knit 1 (1 increase)
    So I have have 4 increases, but no increase in the last panel of 100 stritches. Please advise where I am misinterpreting your directions. Thanks!!

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