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Today I reached a milestone in my weight-loss journey. Actually, I reached two at the same time! Before I started losing weight I was 90 kilos, and had a BMI of 32.2, which put me right into the obese section of the spectrum.

Today I was 69.8 kilos with a BMI of 25 precisely. I lost 20 kilos and just moved into the normal weight range. I’m happy and proud of myself! I’m also amazed that it wasn’t harder.

You know what, I don’t even really have a weight goal. I wanted to get a BMI somewhere between 20-25, but I don’t have a specific weight in mind.

I’m just continuing eating like this, and at some point I guess I will sort of plateau at a certain weight. It would be nice to get a bit lower than a BMI of 25, but I don’t really feel that it’s entirely necessary. Most of the fat that I have is on my buttocks and legs, and that’s not a dangerous spot for fat like for example the belly is. I’m well-proportioned, feel fit and healthy, and can sit with my legs crossed again. So anything after this is bonus.

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