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Dutch Knitting Days

Last Friday and Saturday the Dutch Knitting Days were taking place in Rijswijk, which is really close to where I live. I wanted to go on Friday, but then I suddenly had a job interview so I couldn’t go. Not a bad reason, but it was still a bit of a shame. So on Saturday, despite feeling quite worn out, I decided to pay a quick visit to the event after all. And my husband came with me, because he was curious what it would be like, since I’m always raving about it at home. His idea!

At the moment we are having a science fiction swap at the Dutch Karma Group on Ravelry, and I still needed to buy the yarn for my swap partner. I also wanted to get some nice spinning fibre from AdrianArt – the previous fibre I got from him was a joy to spin, and he does not have a webshop yet (but he told me he is setting one up and it will be online in about two weeks time!). When my mother heard that I was going, she asked me if I could bring her some fibre too.

So I visited AdrianArt, and I got some very nice violet spinning fibre for me and some cerulean blue fibre for my mother. I also found yarn for my swap partner. Well… I thought I did, but then I looked again, and I had bought the wrong yarn weight by accident (brain not working). So I returned the yarn and looked around some more. At the last stand I found what I was looking for (finally!) but on the way I managed to pick up a gorgeous fuchsia worsted weight skein of yarn at Textielwerk. So… here’s my loot (I will show you the swap yarn once the package arrives at my partner’s house):

Top: fibre for my mother, bottom: fibre for me, middle: yarn Zilt & Zeeuws
Top: AdrianArt fibre for my mother, bottom: AdrianArt fibre for me, middle: worsted yarn Zilt & Zeeuws

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