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It’s interesting to see that my paintings are better when I have more brain power. It makes total sense, of course, but the difference is rather big! The day before yesterday I didn’t paint because I was not feeling well, and yesterday I had a rehearsal in Amsterdam during the day, after which I was quite tired. It was a beautiful day, though!

When spring arrives...
When spring arrives…

It’s flower season here in The Netherlands. On my way to Amsterdam the train passed lots of flower fields, and it’s such a joyous sight! All those striking colours… In Amsterdam they had put¬†tulips next to the water, and even though it was a rather cold day, the sun and the flowers still made it feel like spring!

Pink tulips are pretty!
Tulips from Amsterdam!

This may be a nice painting subject later… But when I was home last night, I wanted to paint, even though I was feeling tired. So I did. I did not ask too much of myself, I just made a colour chart for some colours I have added. I did not have good pinks and purples, so I decided to pick up tubes from Talens Rembrandt. I took care to choose paints that had pure pigments (PV15 and PV19) and now I have a nice basis for clear pinks and violets. Flower painting, here I come!

I also got some pans from Schmincke, just to try them out, and they are wonderful too. Very intense colours, and easy to handle. I do have to get used to their characteristics, but that’s fun. I just splashed some colour onto my post card and started blending, using lots of water. It turned into a sunset (probably because I started with a splash of yellow in the middle), and it’s really just a doodle, but it was nice to see how the different colours behaved. And it represents my lack of brain power quite well with its randomness.

Sunset (10 x 15 cm postcard)
Sunset (10 x 15 cm postcard)

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