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Forest light

Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn’t get to do my daily painting. When I came home, I was just so tired and empty, that I decided to take the evening off. But today was another story! My husband and I went out to take a walk because it was so nice and sunny and spring-like! After we got home, I took out my paint box, my postcards, and started working on a mainly green painting. The light at this moment is very special, it is golden hour.

Haagse Bos (10 x 15 cm postcard)
Haagse Bos (10 x 15 cm postcard)

I started with an underlayer of warm-cool. The area around the bridge and behind the greens on he left was painted pale blue and the rest of the picture was painted pale orange. I waited until it had dried, and then I started working from light to dark. It went quite well! I tried to keep the highlights, and to only add a couple of realistic details, suggesting the rest of the plants and trees. The trees were added last, and unfortunately the paper was still a bit empty, so their lines are not as clean as I wanted them to be. However, the general picture is quite nice, I think. There are so many shades of green in the world! And in this painting there is more: brown, yellow, orange, ochre, blue, pink, purple… not all very visible at first sight, but I think they add depth to the picture and make it look more real than if I would only use green, yellow and brown (which was quite possible). This was a joy to paint! And suddenly it’s already time for dinner. When I paint I lose track of time completely.

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