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Wet wet wet

Yesterday I started a new painting, and really messed it up by adding way too much water. There were pools all over the paper. I removed some of the wetness, but was left with a pale ghost of a painting and pieces of paper that were crumbling off a bit. I resisted the urge to continue meddling with it and instead my husband and I decided to have a movie night. We watched Interstellar, which is an amazing film. We did not plan to watch it entirely (it is almost 3 hours long!) but we could not stop (good sign!).

So today I tried to salvage the painting a bit. It did not turn out very well, of course, because the paper is damaged and bobbly (when it dried it pulled loose from the tape a bit), but I did manage to make it better to look at, actually, not that bad.

Foggy meadow (A4)
Foggy meadow (A4)

The distant cows are a bit vague because the paper was still a bit wet when I painted them, but that’s not a problem, because they were not that sharply visible in the fog. I like the water and the reflection of the plant in the foreground. The painting has a dreamy quality, and turned out surprisingly good, taking into account how badly I messed up at first.

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