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Remember the dishes I made last week? They have been sitting around, drying, after which I gave them a first layer of paint (white) – and had them dry again. I was waiting for some proper paint to show up to finish them off. I ordered some acrylic paint from De Kwast, as well as some acrylic gel pens (Posca).

Starter set
Starter set from Sennelier

The paint comes in five bags and it is quite a handy system! The colours are beautiful and bright. So I started mixing and painting straight away! The paint does dry quite quickly, so I was able to draw on the dishes with the gel pens as well. This is how they turned out:

Middle: after painting, before drawing.
Middle: after painting, before drawing.

I was quite optimistic and thought they were already dry, so I could start varnishing. Nope. I accidentally took off the flower from the yellow dish. Oh well, I just need to be more patient and varnish them tomorrow!

The effect is not bad, though
The effect is not bad, though


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