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Woolly surprises

I am destashing some spindles, and I’ve just sold two of my MirkwoodArts spindles. They are so very pretty and well-made, but the thick flicking area hurts my wrist after a while. So I decided to let them go. The first one I sold was Smaug. I had just brought it to the post office and returned home, when I got the payment for Frodo. I didn’t feel like it, but I packed it up and went to the post office again.

When I was standing in line, I picked up a whiff of something familiar… soap? A little girl was walking past, it must be her. She was looking at the magazines and then returned to her mum who was behind me in the line. Again, that nice familiar smell.

And then I realized what it was. She smelled like Wollmeise!

I took a good look at them both, but neither of them was wearing anything woolly. So there must be some soap or shower gel for children on the market that happens to smell just like Wollmeisenbad! I was too cowardly to ask what soap it was, though. I know, such a shame. I want to smell like Wollmeise too!

Anyway, when I came back home, just a few moments later the doorbell rang. It was the delivery man whom I had been waiting for in the past week, because I was expecting a spindle from Malcolm Fielding. The timing was getting to the point where I was almost sure that it was stuck in customs, but no, there was no fee this time! It is utterly gorgeous with dolphin inlays, and it spins like nobody’s business!

Malcolm Fielding Midi Puyok
Malcolm Fielding Midi Puyok



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