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Christmas present

Last week I went shopping – quite unique for me, I don’t really like it (except for shopping for hobby stuff, of course), but sometimes you have to. In this case, I needed new shoes. My old ones had holes in them… Yes, I hate shopping that much.

So I went to the city centre. Fortunately, there was a sale going on almost everywhere.

First I went to a cheap shoe shop, where I found a pair of short boots that looked quite nice. I bought them, but I immediately started doubting the purchase. The heels were quite high, the material not that sturdy… But at least I had something, right?

Then I went to another shop, where I found some really cute shoes:

Aren't they adorable?
Aren’t they adorable?

I tried them on and they fit very well! I fell in love even though I knew they were not practical at all. I needed day-to-day shoes, not dress up shoes!

So I looked around some more. And I found some very nice ankle boots that also fit perfectly:

Love that colour! It's a cool, dark, deep red
Love that colour! It’s a cool, dark, deep red.

Coincidentally, the shop had a sale where you got an extra 10 euros off the second pair of shoes. So, yeah, I really had to buy both pairs. Right?
Oh, I returned the first pair I bought at the cheap shop. No need for three pairs. Or… well, maybe I’ll go looking for some short boots with low heels this week, for when I go to the beach or take a walk in nature. I don’t want to do that to my pretty red ankle boots.

Freya was quite happy with her present when I came home. She barked with delight!

Freya, aka Puppies
Freya, aka Puppies.

I’m thinking of renaming her to Puppies. Nothing is more cute than Puppies, right?

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