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Since December, I have been spinning a lot more (and knitting a lot less). I did start to knit socks in a mystery KAL (MOCK: Coexist), but gave up after clue three because they did not fit well and I didn’t feel like knitting them again. I frogged them and cast on a different sock pattern: Pamina. This pattern has a lot of cabling, and it looks very nice. I’ve almost finished the first leg:


However, I have not knitted on this nice project for about two weeks now.
I have been spinning a bit, though. I’m really enjoying trying all my supported spindles and spinning more cobweb yarn.

In the Yarn Therapy Zone group, June is the Jenkins month for the spin cycle, so I’ve started spinning some DutchWoolDiva minibatts on my Kuchulu. I have not progressed very far yet, because… well, I don’t know. Just not really feeling like it, I guess.

2015-06-02 20.50.18

Actually, my head is not really into anything at the moment. I’m not feeling too well, can’t really describe what or why. I’m tired in my head and sometimes in my body as well. Thinking is hard. Whenever I do something that demands extra energy, like stress at work, or painting, or designing, or shopping, or socializing, I have to pay for it the next day. Usually with a bad, bad headache, and a heavy feeling in my body and brain. I think I really overexerted myself in the past year at work, and I hope that with the change of jobs the pressure will be less and I will recover.

Anyway. I find it hard to do stuff and everything is more expensive energy-wise. I’ve been procrastinating with things like mailing stuff out, doing household chores, etc. And I’ve been trying not to feel too guilty about it. As long as I pay the bills on time, the rest is kind of flexible. I’m trying to pace myself to hopefully not make it worse.

I’ve discovered today that having goals is working against me for now. I’m better at endlessly spinning cobweb yarn for an unknown, anonymous future project (or not) than at finishing a sock. I’d rather knit a round on my endless Niebling Frühling shawl than think of a useful thing to make for the summer. I think I cannot stand immediate and concrete goals at the moment. Even though I’d love to finally have a pretty summer cardigan. Or knit a bunting for the KIPnick garland. Or create a storage solution for my spindles. Or buy some new tops. But I won’t. For now. I’ll try to go with the flow.

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