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Jenkins Just Batty Challenge 2: finished!

Much later than the deadline (end of January), but my Jenkins Just Batty Challenge 2 yarn is finally done! I’ve been spinning a lot, lately, and it felt good. I really enjoy spinning on the smaller spindles (Kuchulu and Finch) and decided to use all of them for this challenge.

Before I started spinning, I had divided the batts into pieces, combining them in different ratios of purple and green. I didn’t blend them together, just sort of fluffed them up and laid them on top of each other. During spinning I took care to spin both colours up more or less evenly. I did it this way because I didn’t want the yarn to become muddy. I wanted it to retain the distinct colours when looking up close, and be more blended from a distance.

I started spinning on the Finches, then moved on to the Kuchulus. For the last bit, I used my Aegean, which suddenly felt very big, heavy and clumsy after spinning on such small spindles for a longer period. I didn’t expect that (I love my Aegean normally) and was quite surprised by the difference between 8-12 grams spindles and a 17 grams spindle… I mean, 5 grams difference sounds very small, right?

Aegean - 3x Kuchulu - 2x Finch
Aegean – 3x Kuchulu – 2x Finch

Anyway, I managed to spin all six turtles, and then I took out my spinning wheel and started n-plying it from purple to green. The resulting yarn is about 600 meters/100 grams, and I think it looks very nice! Now, what shall I knit with it?


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