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I’ve designed another shawl! I was thinking that I haven’t designed any shawls in sock yarn, so I decided to make one. I wanted it to be for one skein of standard sock yarn (about 400 meters), and it should also look nice in variegated yarn. So I came up with a pattern that is not too busy, with small cables, so that with variegated yarn the pattern will not disturb the colour changes too much, and with a (semi)solid yarn there is still some interesting stuff going on.

The resulting shawl is a little study in cables. The pattern of the body is made with small cable “bubbles”, and the border is made with more straight cables. The edging, again, consists of cables. The shawl doesn’t look overly “cabley”, though. I was thinking about what to call this one, when it came to me: with the blue yarn reminding you of the sea, it looks like ebb tide. The body is the beach, with leftover shells and stones, then there is the area where the water has just moved back from (making lines), and then, of course, there’s the shoreline in the edging. Thus the name Eb (ebb tide in Dutch) was born!

The shawl is not finished yet. I’m still working on the bind off, which goes ever so slowly. I also still have to write the pattern. I will show you a progress picture, though!

2014-10-16 16.06.02

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