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WIP: Fabulous Fosters

The fosters that I’ve been writing about yesterday are quite inspiring indeed. I’ve decided to draw them all together as a big happy family. Which actually is not as easy as it sounds, since the cats never have been all together in the same room. So, I’m going for a combination of photographs, trying to create a nice composition with the right size, colour and perspective for each cat, in a position in which they’ve never actually been. You can’t say I’m not ambitious.

I’ve been trying to create a nice composition with all the siblings in the front, some of them leaning into eachother, and their proud mom behind them, keeping an eye out. I’m combining different photographs of each cat into a nice whole, at least, that’s what I’m trying. I’ve already filled in two of the cats a little bit (momma Libby and Ellen), and I will continue adding more detailed sketches of the others, after which I will try to make the lighting equal for all of them. I guess I should say “wish me luck”!

Fabulous Fosters
Fabulous Fosters: 

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