Rough drawing

Autumn Fairy - updated
Autumn Fairy – updated

Today I was putting some final touches to the Autumn Fairy drawing (I corrected the nose a bit, and made the face a bit less smooth, with more different colours and shades), and then I started drawing the door again. Bad idea. Although it’s a really pretty picture, I’m just not feeling interested while drawing it. Weird, because there are so many nice colours and textures to indulge in…

Isn't it beautiful?
Isn’t it beautiful?

So I decided to draw “rough” today. I took out the pastel chalks I own, and decided to play with a perspective drawing. This is not a photograph, it’s just my imagination, but I tried to apply some of the things I learned while reading Pastel Pointers by Richard McKinley. He wrote about colours getting lighter and cooler when they are further away, and about guiding¬†the eyes in a certain direction/pattern through shapes and “hard and soft” edges.

I started by just drawing the river, with curves, to create diagonal lines to follow with your eyes. In the front, I used some yellow, brown, orange and red (together with blue and purple), and gradually diminished the amount while drawing more to the back of the drawing. I added a soft sky where you cannot see the sun, but it is suggested by the colouring that the sun is somewhere on the left, perhaps behind the tree. First I was planning to add a forest around the river, but then I decided that the river would move toward a lake, to add even more distance.


This drawing was fun to make, as I got to use lots of colours, and didn’t get to be too precise (with the chalks that’s very hard, anyway). It’s more about the general idea. I found out that I still need to learn how to suggest grass (for example) without having to draw every single thing. The perspective is a bit “sudden”: you expect the lake to be further away. Still, it was a nice exercise, and it doesn’t look too bad.


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